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Heuron, Korea

Heuron Co. Ltd. is a medical AI development company established in 2017 providing treatment solutions for central nervous system disorders, based on the AI model implementing clinical specialists' diagnostic insights. The company is equipped with professional AI engineers to develop clinical data -centered diagnostic programs for disorders such as Parkinson's Disease, Dementia, Stroke and Brain tumors. These programs allows high quality data to be made accessible to doctors and clinicians where they are able to take the lead of establishment and participate along the way. This proves beneficial as it minimizes the gap between advancing AI Technology and End Users' Needs. 

Despite the non - standardization of current medical image reading for central nervous system disorders, we are confident that our AI technology which enables for early diagnosis of degenerative disease of the brain, will dampen the time and cost of new drug development for such disorders and heightened the success rate of clinical trials. 

Our Management 

Donghoon Shin

President and Chief Executive Officer, MD/Ph.D.

Upon earning his M.D. and Ph.D. from Ajou University of Medicine, he became the founder and CEO of Heuron and associate professor at Gachon University Gil Medical Center. His primary focus is in the development AI diagnostic solutions for clinical decision support systems for the improvement of conventional medical and heathcare services. 


Heuron's innovative product in mPDia allows for automatic detection of Parkinson's disease through its AI model which develops MRI protocol and pre - processing methods to capture lesions. This defeats the conventional method which makes early diagnosis difficult as it requires a combination of clinicians’ neurological diagnosis and interpretation of PET scans.

By doing so, Heuron advances medical AI technology and leads the commercialization era. Heuron, being a hot prospect in medical AI, has successfully acquired KRW 15.3 Billion Series B Funding and Preparing for a Special Technology. 

Myungjin Shin

Chief Operating Officer

Being the COO of Heuron Co. Ltd, he aims for Heuron to grow into a leading global bio - healthcare company. His novel experience as a team leader at Smilegate investments which allowed him to become a professional investor makes him capable to attract investments and join into Heuron. Through establishing and pursuing management strategies, he wishes Heuron to develop products that people want to use. 

Our Hierarchy 

Our History 

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Our Accolades 

Helica Main Office, United Kingdom

Our Company 

Maurice Howieson

Chief Executive Officer

Prior to 1993, the electrosurgical device market consisted mainly of diathermy and laser. At that time, the healthcare challenge was to design, engineer and manufacture an electrosurgical instrument that is safe, accurate, and controllable in laparoscopic and open surgery. 


With a demanding need from the surgical community for a much safer device in electrosurgery, the Helica Thermal Coagulator (TC) was developed in 1993 by Maurice Howieson in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Helica TC was developed to overcome this challenge, but with cauterising effect similar to diathermy and laser.

Available since 1995, it has been used in over 50,000 operations in the UK and now has begun expanded into Singapore.

The innovative thinking and hard work of Helica TC received a John Logie Baird award, a Scottish awards scheme for excellence in innovation, in 1997

Helica Asia, Singapore

Our Company 

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Heuron Headquaters

South Korea, Incheon, Namdong - gu, Guwol - dong, 번지 10층 1128 - 10

Call us at + 82 32 - 429 - 8508

Helica Main Office

102 Kingsknowe Road North, Longstone, Edinburgh, EH14 2DG

Call us at + 44 (0) 131 443 4753

Helica Asia Office

985 Bukit Timah Road,  Singapore 589627, #05 - 08

Call us at + 65 9635 7811

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