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Next Generation Central Nervous System AI Medical Imaging Solutions

Pursuing Faster, More Accurate Brain Disease Diagnosis & Helping To Reduce Drug Development Time

Parkinson's Disease

The World's First MRI Based Parkinson's Disease AI Solutions

Heuron IPD

No. 4 (Heuron IPD).png

Identification of the presence or absence of nigrostriatal degeneration

Heuron NI

No. 5 (Heuron NI).png

Quantification and volumetric analysis of the nigrosome 1 region

Detection Of Dopaminergic Neuron: A Paradigm Shift To MRI


Early Diagnosis Of Parkinson's Disease

Parkinsons Workflow V3.png

Alzheimer's Disease

Fully Automated Software With Greater Segmentation, Less Image Artifacts And Faster Processing Time

Heuron Brain PET

No. 8 (Heuron Brain PET).png

Automatic co-registration of MRI and PET

105 brain regions segmentation

Multiple PET tracers analysis, including Amyloid, Tau, FDG and FP-CIT

Standardize uptake value ratio calculation and the volume

Partial volume correction option

Heuron AD

No. 13 (Heuron AD).png

Automatic labeling, visualization and volumetric quantification of 99 brain regions using MRI

Calculation of cerebral cortical atrophy, including volumes and thickness

Colour-coded segmentation overlays

Outperforms FreeSurfer

Heuron AD Morphometric Reports

No. 13 (Heuron AD_Report 1).PNG
No. 13 (Heuron AD_Report 2).PNG
No. 13 (Heuron AD_Report 3).PNG
No. 13 (Heuron AD_Report 4).PNG

Longitudinal analysis: Monitoring brain volume changes over time to track the progression of the patient with neurodegenerative disease, like alzheimer's disease. Results compared to normative reference data adjusted for age and gender


Identifies The Most Urgent Cases Within 3 Minutes

Heuron ICH

No. 21 (Heuron ICH).png

Non - Contrast CT Based AI Solutions For The Early Screening Of Hemorrhagic Stroke 

Identification of intracerebral hemorrhage

Heuron ELVO

No. 22 (Heuron ELVO).png

Non - Contrast CT Based AI Solutions For The Early Screening Of  Ischemic Stroke 

Identification Of Large Vessel Occlusion


No. 23 (Heuron ASPECTS).png

Calculation of Alberta Stroke Program Early CT Score (ASPECT) to measure the degree of damage caused by ischemic stroke

Enhances Diagnostic Workflow Of Both Primary Stroke Centres And Thrombectomy Capable Hospitals (link phone app)

Potentially Cut Clinical Decision-Making Process By 1 Hour

Copy of Stroke Workflow v5.png

Brain Metastasis 

MRI-Based AI Solution To Quantify And Locate Brain Metastases

Heuron METS

No. 27 (Heuron METS).png

Detection  Of Suspected Multiple Lesions In The Brain And Provides Total And Each Volume Of Lesions Detected Along With Talairach Coordinates (Atlas)

Heuron METS Analysis Report

No. 27 (Heuron METS_Report).png

Worldwide Status


Regulatory Approvals & Trials

Clinical Partners

Videos & Scientific Papers & Product Brochures

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Heuron Co., Ltd. is a medical AI software company established in 2017 that provides diagnosis aid solutions for central nervous system disorders, including Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, stroke, and brain metastasis, based on the AI model by implementing clinical specialists' diagnostic insights. Heuron's research & development is led by specialists under the direction of Founder & Chairman Donghoon Shin (MD, Ph.D.).

Heuron is on a mission to transform current complex diagnostic challenges into simple solutions with innovative technology.

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